My stupid car pt.2 

My car managed to break down again. This is the third time this semester, but this time it was in the middle of the turning lane going into Marquette. 

It was a regular day. I started my car and I saw a light turn on, but quickly turned off. This happens more often then it probably should but I’m used to it. Then I started driving. Everything was fine until I got into the turn lane. My steering wheel locked up, my breaks locked up, the gas pedal went all the way to the floor (but I wasn’t moving), my tires wouldn’t budge, and finally every single light turned on on the dashboard. It all happened in like 20 seconds too. 

I did what I was supposed to do. Put on my emergency break as turned on my hazards. I called my mom, and of course she didn’t pick up. After about 20 times I call my dad. Of course he picked up on the second ring. He had me call AAA. When I was on the phone with AAA I was getting honked at and a few people gave me the finger. The parking lot attendant ran over, literally she ran across Clarkson. She told me that our school police officer will be over to help in a second. Once he got there he told me to turn off my car and turn it back on. Somehow it worked. I went to my parking spot and canceled AAA. 

Later that day we had the car towed to a mechanic. He said he can’t get to it until Monday, and he thought I was lying about what happened until he turned on my car and it made a horrible noise and everything locked up again. He called on Monday and told me the repairs will cost $2300. I wasn’t sure if my car was even worth that much. My dad went to the shop and worked his magic, and the mechanic brought the price down by $800. 

My car is a piece of junk, but at least I will have stories to tell to my kids when I’m older. And if you saw some tan car in the middle of the turning lane going to Marquette that was me, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. 


Sick Days

In grade school missing a day was no big deal. You would go back the next day and it’s like you were never gone. High school is completely opposite. If you miss one day it’s like you missed an entire semester. 

I missed an A day which I thought wouldn’t be a big deal. I was crazy wrong. In every single class I missed something big. I missed three labs, notes, and lectures. I am still trying to catch up. The problem is while you are trying to catch up you also have to do the homework assigned that day. It’s like a domino effect. You never really catch up. 

I’m in three lab based science classes which isn’t a big deal until you miss a day. We took notes in all of my classes and in Forensic Science we did two labs in one day. The other two classes we only did notes but the teacher always lectures things that are not in the notes, so it’s always important to be there. Missing all of this work is not worth it. If I get sick again this semester I’m just going to school no matter what. I’m going out of town soon and will be missing two days so I’m going to get the work way ahead of time so I’m not behind again. 

Family is everything 

Our family is incredibly close. We are spreading farther and farther apart but we are still close. My oldest brother lives in Yakima Washington (where Carly’s grandpa is from in iCarly) he moved there almost three years ago. Even though he is 1,607 miles away we still talk at least twice a week. Every summer I go and visit him, and he always manages to get home for the holidays. He try’s to come home as often as possible but it’s expensive. No matter what I know he is just a phone call away. My other older brother goes to school at Mizzou. Even though he’s still in the state it’s hard to see him. He works on the weekends and we have school during the week. His truck is also not very reliable, so he always has to find a ride home. He still makes sure to call me for our weekly banter. My brothers are amazing and are so important to me. I don’t know what I’d do without them. 

On my moms side everyone is very close. Once again everyone is spread out. We obviously live here, but my aunt lives in Puerto Rico, my uncle lives in Michigan, and my other aunt lives in Wisconsin. We don’t get together often but when we are together we act like there was no time between. On my dads side we aren’t close. His brother doesn’t have kids and his sister is always traveling. My dad has always wanted a big family. Recently we found out we had cousins that we never knew about. They moved here from Minnesota. They contacted us, and now we get together almost every weekend. It’s amazing to have family close where we can have big Sunday dinners. My family means the world to me and I’m so lucky to have them. 


I am in a hate love relationship with my job. I hate going but I love getting paid. For the most part everyone I work with is pretty great. They help the time go by, but then there are other people. These particular people make the time actually slow down. 

Let’s concentrate on the good people. They make time speed up, and are pleasant to be around. I work at a grocery store in the produce section, and all I do is stack fruit. All day long. It’s extremely repetitive and boring. If you like to day dream this job is for you. Thankfully there are people out there who make my day go faster. Everyday for about three months a few coworkers would meet me in the produce refrigerator and we would do the water bottle flip challenge for about a half hour. Other times we have cart races or other stupid things to make time go by. I have a few friends in bakery and when I’m on break I go back there and test to make sure the cupcakes are okay for the customers. I love the majority of the people I work with, but some I can’t stand. 

Everywhere you go there will be someone you don’t see eye to eye with, and you need to learn to deal with that. At my job there are a few people who need some common sense. They don’t understand the simple things, and it makes life hard for the rest of us. These people make the day go by so so so slow. They make me more grateful for the people who make the day go by faster. 

Spring Break 

This spring break was amazing until I got home from Mexico. While on the plane I somehow got the stomach flu. The past three days have been horrible but let’s not talk about that. Let me tell you about Mexico. It was an amazing experience and truly eye opening. When we left the resort we saw some crazy thing some good some bad. 

The resort was absolutely beautiful. It was so relaxing and peaceful. I have never really been to the beach. I went to Florida when I was two but I don’t remember anything. I went again about three years ago, but it was 40 degrees and raining the whole time… so I don’t really count that as a beach experience. This time around I embraced the beach. We played sand volleyball all day everyday. We would play a game jump in the ocean play again jump in the ocean. We did that all day, and I wish I could do that every day. When we weren’t playing volleyball we were playing pool volleyball. 

At night we went to different shows and danced. I learned how to salsa and I was horrible at it. I tried my best to speak Spanish but I struggled quite a bit. 

At the end of the week I got incredibly sunburnt. I knew I should reapply but I was busy playing volleyball. I got so burnt that my back is peeing and prom is coming up. My prom dress is completely open back and shows every tan line. It looks ridiculous. Anyway spring break was great and I’m bummed that it’s over. Time to get back to reality. 

My stupid car

My car is a piece of trash I’m not going to lie, but I love that so much. It’s a 2001 Buick Regal. It was my grandmas car then when she couldn’t drive anymore she gave it to my dad till I could drive. As soon as I got that car the catalytic converter went out on me and I started rolling down a hill. That was our first “Oh shit” moment. Then I had to get a safety inspection that was the next moment. Only because certain lights were always on and others were never on. I had duct tape under the hood and a piece of gum holding part of the rear view mirror up. Some how some way it passed. About 2 weeks ago the weather was nice so I rolled down the window. When I got home it didn’t roll back up. I was like okay my dad can fix this he’s done it before. My dad looked at it and laughed. He told me he would follow me to the shop. When I got there they said the estimate was $280. I was shocked. It’s a stupid window motor. Then today I went in for an oil change and I found out that my back breaks were out. I sorta knew that was coming because I always had to break way before everyone else. Once again I had to put in more money into this trash car, but I’m going to continue to put money into this car till it dies on the side of the road. I’ll drive it till it won’t go anymore. I love this car so much but I’m pretty sure I will get gray hairs from it. 

Cloud 9 Ranch

My family has a membership to Cloud 9 Ranch. Probably none of you know what that is, and most people don’t. My dad has been going down there since he was a kid. Cloud 9 is in Southern Missouri near West Plains. People travel from everywhere to go there. My dad calls it “The redneck yacht club” and that fits it perfectly. We have 3 four wheelers and a side by side that we take down there. We stay in our trailer or tent camp. We drive the four wheelers around on designated trails. There are 150 miles of trails to ride on. 

I grew up at Cloud 9. I am immune to cloud water because I learned how to swim in the freezing cold spring water that runs through the Ranch. I learned how to fish there and learned how to drive there. I always consider it my second home. I can’t wait to go down in a couple of weeks. From about March-October we go down about 2-3 times a month. We got a trailer with a heater so now we can go down whenever which is so nice. In the winter I dream about driving a four wheeler with the wind in my face. It’s one of the best feelings. My friends love to go down with me. 

This place has it all too. They have stables for horseback-riding, trails for riding, campsites for the trailers or tents, a stream for fishing and swimming, a restaurant, and a store. We sometimes go down for a week and never get board. I love the fact that I have so many memories from going down there. The place is amazing and I love it more than anything.